Neighborhood Watch

About the Neighborhood Watch

The Wellington Common Neighborhood Watch is made of all Wellington Commons residents who are interested in the safety of our neighborhood. Our citizens are the eyes and ears in reporting crimes and suspicious situations to the Fairfax County police. We have a responsibility to ensure that our neighborhood is safe from criminal activity by such methods as passive observation, window watching and walking.

Neighborhood Watch

Crime Prevention and Safety Awareness Tips

Solicitation and Recruitment - Each spring and summer we see an increase in door-to-door solicitors and recruiters. If they truly are soliciging and are non a non-profit they need to have a valid Fairfax County solicitor's license on them. Click here to see a sample of a solicitor's license. If you are wary of the person, you can always call the non-emergency number at 703-691-2131 and have an officer come out and identify the person.

Outdoor Lights - EChange the light bulbs in your front porch light to include a "dusk 'til dawn" sensor insert. They are simple inexpensive inserts you can get at any home improvement store and installation is simple – just screw them into the light socket and then the bulb screws into them. The inserts automatically turns on the light when it starts to get dark and turns it off when it starts to get light out. This way your house is always well lit and you don't have to remember to turn on or off the light. You should also add the inserts to any lights you may have on the rear of your home.

Vehicle Larceny Prevention - It is a reminder to all to secure your valuables when you are not in your vehicle. Restaurant parking lots, church parking lots, gym parking lots and retail parking lots have been areas where these events have been occurring. A simple step of either taking the valuables out of your car or securing them out of sight might mean the difference in a broken window, losing items like that precious laptop that has your family pictures on it or not.

Call the Police Non-Emergency Line to report suspicious persons, vehicles or noises any time of day or night, whether it's in your neighborhood or while you are out shopping. 703-691-2131

Fairfax County Police have launched a new crime mapping tool. It is designed to help users better understand where police are responding, and offers users a general description of the incident. Simply log on to, type the address of the location, and all police-related events within a specific radius will populate the screen. Information is, typically, a day behind real-time events.

Home Security Survey - At your request, a crime prevention officer will come to your home and make recommendations you can incorporate in your home that may deter a burglar. This is a free service to the community. Call 703-922-0889 to schedule your free survey today.

In the case of an actual emergency, call 911